What do I need to apply for a payday loan?

Unlike banks and other financial organizations lending money, we have simplified the procedure of getting money to its maximum. All you need for application is your bank details (account number, credit card number and bank routing) and your social security number to fill in the form and to complete an application.

Do I need collateral (friends, employer or colleagues) to prove my status and to get a loan?

No, our service does not require anyone to prove your status. Moreover we consider getting a loan a personal affair and we would not like to involve third party into the process.

Do I need to pay something for an application?

No, the application is completely free. Nothing will be withdrawn from your credit card. We do not charge any fees for an application.

How much can a customer borrow for one time?

The sum of a loan depends on your income and on your credit history. There are no additional terms to get maximum payment.

When will I get my money after my application is approved?

We transfer the loam money instantly after a standard procedure of approval. Unfortunately the payment may be delayed by your bank. However we guarantee that you will get the money within next 24 hours.

When will I have to pay the loan back?

Every time you apply for a loan you will get a new pay back date. You will be informed on a due payback date when the loan is approved.

How do I pay back the loan?

You do not need to visit a bank or take any actions to repay the loan.  The owed sum of money will be debited from a credit card you indicated in the application form on a due date.

If I repay the loan earlier, will I be charged with additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees for earlier loan repay. Please, contact our customer support if you want to pay the loan back earlier.

How often can I use payday loans?

We do not limit you in getting payday loans; however this may be regulated by federal laws of your state.

Is payday loan secure?

Yes, we respect your privacy and treat your data in the same way. We use secure channels for data and money transferring. The personal information you give us through this website is encrypted. Moreover we do not inform any third party about your loans, financial details or credit history.